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  • We welcome visitors of all ages!   

Welcome to the Ottawa Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

We welcome visitors of all ages. See our address, Sunday schedule and contact information on the "Find Us" page, and explore our website to find information about our children's program, potlucks, attenders' meetings, retreats and other community events.  Si vous voulez des informations en francais, nous demander, s’il vous plait!

Coffee House May 6, 7-9:30

Join us for a coffee house on Saturday, May 6th, from 7-9:30.  The organizers particularly hope that Glebe neighbours will join us.

The list of performances keeps growing:  Tom Lips is the main attraction, but there will also be an open stage with music, dancing and poetry.  (Belly-dancing is also rumoured to be happening.)  There will also be a "tiny art sale" of small works and small prices.

St. Lawrence Valley Regional Gathering June 10-12, 2016

Picture of riverThe St. Lawrence Valley Regional Gathering will take place in Seeley's Bay, ON from June 2-4.  Topics will be 1) Defining ourselves as Quakers by the work we do? and 2) Guaranteed Income:  is this the best way to strengthen the social network we trust as Canadians?

Interested?  E-mail webminder.ottawafriends@gmail.com and we'll forward your message to the organizers.


Meeting Warm Ups

·        Sunday "Meeting Warm-Ups," 9:00am until 10:00, Sundays at OMM, until (and including) May 14th.  These warm ups are for our spirits, heart, mind and body, to help build community as expansion of our 2016 “Quake Up” retreat theme.

The general plan is:

  • First Sunday of the month - Singing with our Burundian Friends
  • Remaining Sundays of the month - Discussions about sections of our Canadian Faith and Practice

As people volunteer, some Warm-ups are dedicated to specific topics.  The current list is:

  • April 23--"My Spiritual Identify--Whom am I spiritually?"
  • April 20--"Human Orchestra"


Everyone is welcome.

Check back frequently--we'll try to keep this list up-to-date.  If you have ideas or feedback, contact the Adult Religious Education Committee.



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