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Welcome to the Ottawa Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

We welcome visitors of all ages. See our address, weekly Sunday schedule and contact information on the "Find Us" page, and explore our website to find information about our children's program, potlucks, attenders' meetings, retreats and other community events.  Si vous voulez des informations en francais, nous demander, s’il vous plait!

Quaker Bible Study Session Starting Sunday, January 26

Unlike other Bible Studies in this one we are encouraged to ask questions to see if and how the chosen short passage relates to us and our lives. There are 5 questions to apply to each passage.
The six sessions will be held intermittently with The Christian Contemplative series over the next three months.  The exact schedule will be available on Sunday at the first session.  Friends may attend one or as many sessions as  sessions as they would like.
Please click on this link to get more information, or just join us Sunday and a hard copy of information will be given out.
Bring whatever version of the Bible you prefer to use, or you can also borrow the version of your choice from the OMM library which is where we will be meeting.
[Webminders note:  we weren't given a time, but we think it's 9 am.]

Yearly Retreat Starts Friday Evening

Our annual retreat is coming up quite quickly.  If you want to contact AREO to register or ask questions, send a message to webminder.ottawafriends@gmail.com and we'll pass it along.

Our annual Winter Retreat is a wonderful time for reflection and renewal. This tradition allows us space to know ourselves and our F/friends better. Throughout the weekend there will be time for deep listening, for speaking, and for sharing with each other. We will have time to consider where we are—navigating from here to there—and imagining a Spirit-filled future. Possibilities include resting in a quiet space as well as role-playing, creating art, reading and journalling. Media include live guitar music and short video.

OMM ANNUAL RETREAT on the theme of “transformation and change”
All during retreat: a comfortable rest space will be available for those who need naps or quiet time, in the nursery.
Books and papers on our theme will be on a resource table in the meeting room, Including written materials by/from our facilitator and key “Emma Field” books about transformation and change.
Friday, January 31.
5 Singing  in meeting room
5:30-6:30 simple supper (downstairs for food, upstairs to meet is our overall pattern)
6:30-7 cleanup
7 pm gather in meeting room:
Land acknowledgement
People welcomed and encouraged to explore the “wall” and the resource table for a few minutes.
7:15: Settle
Introductions and Retreat outline
Brief remarks about the words Change/ Transition/ Transformation.
Opening worship.
Whole group go-round with name and a change you feel you are in right now.
8:25: In groups of 3 storytelling about changes people are engaged in right now, personal, societal, or global including climate change. Deep listening, 3 minutes each, 9 minutes total...
Move once to a different group, tell a different story from one of the other levels.
8:45: Closing worship-sharing
9 PM: good night…Hand out copies of Emma Field chapter to read overnight/Bedtime story?
Saturday, Feb. 1
8:15-9 Arriving, Browsing…
Coffee/teas, fruit, nuts available in front hallway
Wall and resources for handouts
9-9:15: Reading, etc. preparing to settle
Land acknowledgement
9:15: Settle. Opening worship.
Brief intro about navigation through change
9:30: Show 3 short videos.
10 – 11: worship-sharing format: How do you keep from despair? Do you have an anchor, compass, rudder?
11:00: snack/bio break
11:30: eco-vigil activity (role play activity)
12:20: Call for people to do a roleplay of Emma meets Lucretia Mott for our evening program
12:30-1:30 lunch (catered by The Syrian kitchen) and cleanup
12:30-3:15:“R&R Free time” for walks, naps (nursery equipped with pillows) etc, reading, making art on unicorn room wall... etc.
Assignment: Find a navigation “instrument” (thing, poem or song, etc) to bring on Sunday morning.
3:15-4:30: Silence, then forming working groups: getting the help and input of others with the issues we are navigating…
World café format, scribing thoughts...
4:30 -5 PM reporting back
5:30-6: Set up for dinner
6-7: Dinner (and cleanup)
7 PM: Singing, further wall work
7:15-9: Emma meets Lucretia Mott, and other role plays, with late dessert @ 8:15
SUNDAY Feb 2, AM plans
8-9 am WAFFLE BREAKFAST Hope to be SILENT 8:15-45, then clean up
9-10 am FINAL REFLECTIONS SESSION (before regular meeting for worship)
Worship sharing-type session where people speak to what they have written on cards, share as led:
I stay afloat in hard times by ……
My compass or direction is in…..
Hope for me is ….
10:30-11:45 meeting for worship, followed by coffee and announcements
12:30 leftovers lunch and final cleanup

Young Adult Friend Gatherings

Ottawa Monthly Meeting is currently blessed with an abundance of Young Adult Friends.*  Many of the YAFs are now meeting for a potluck about once a month.  If you self-identify as a YAF and aren't yet connected to this group, ask around on a Sunday or send the webminder an e-mail and I'll put you in touch. 

*Quaker-speak for people roughly in their 20's and 30's who have a connection to Quakers.

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