E-mail us your money!

Fistful of moneyWe recently explored whether we could accept Interac e-mail money transfers to facilitate donations to either our general or our refugee funds.  We can do this, however it is not an automated process so it's best to check first with the treasurer to make sure she's in-town and ready to accept it.  (E-mail address is treasurer.ottawafriends with a gmail.com extension.)  We believe the steps are:

1) Check your bank's website to find out how much you will be charged to send an Interac e-mail transfer.  The charge is likely to be on the order of $1.50.  (OMM's bank charges nothing to receive the transfer.)

2) Assuming you want to proceed, read or watch the tutorial information on your bank's website.

3) E-mail the treasurer to let her know you want to send an Interac e-mail transfer.  Also tell her in which account to place the money and, if you want a tax receipt, provide your full name and address.

4) Once the treasurer gives you the "all clear", send the transfer to the treasurer's e-mail address, following the instructions from your bank.

Some banks, such as Tangerine, appear to be offering another e-mail option which appears to be free.  If you'd like to try this out, we will be happy to work with you.