Faith in Action

"Friends believe it is essential to express in words and deeds the faith that sustains us and the convictions that arise from that faith." -- Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative), 2011.

Ottawa Monthly Meeting members and attenders are involved in a wide variety of social actions. Described below are some of our corporate, long-term projects.

Grocery Card Fundraiser for Ottawa Mennonite Refugee Assistance

Since 2003, our Meeting has been part of a coalition of churches that support the Ottawa Mennonite Refugee Assistance initiative. OMRA is an arms length agency of Ottawa Mennonite Church which owns four 3-bedroom condominiums in Ottawa. Newly arrived refugee families rent from OMRA at a subsidized rate for up to two years. This is especially helpful for large families who arrive sometimes with five children and very few resources. OMRA funds are raised primarily through the sale of grocery gift cards from Loblaws, Metro and Farm Boy grocery chains.