Community Life

"A spiritual community strengthens and steadies its members, nurturing them as they gain experience, and passing on a communal wisdom which a lifetime of individual searching may never uncover." --Ursula Jane O'Shea, Living the Way: Quaker Spirituality and Community.

Sunday morning worship (10:30 am) is at the heart of Ottawa Monthly Meeting community life. However, we also have many other opportunities to gather:

Committee Meetings

Like most organizations, we have an abundance of committee meetings.  Participation on a few committees is limited to members, but there are many opportunities to serve for attenders.  Our committee handbook describes how these committees work.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please ask someone to help you find a member of Nominating Committee.

Women's Group of Ottawa Monthly Meeting

The Women's Group of Ottawa Monthly Meeting brings together women members and attenders of OMM monthly to share food, catch up, and get to know each other better. Monthly gatherings will rotate to different days of the week so everyone is able to attend one meeting or another.  Need more information?  E-mail and we'll forward your e-mail.