About Quaker Worship

Every Friends Meeting for Worship is an experiment. Our worship is based on silence - not a passive silence but a waiting on God and an endeavour to reach a measure of unity with the Divine.

Please enter the Meeting room in silence as the Meeting for Worship begins as soon as the first worshipper arrives.

In silence anyone may speak as led by the Spirit. Everyone present takes an active part in the Meeting whether through vocal ministry or through silence. Ministry is usually a few minutes at most in length and should be guided by an urgent sense that there is a message that needs to be shared.   There is an opportunity in the 10 minutes at the end of the meeting ("Joys and Sorrows") for ministry of a more personal nature.

The Meeting closes when Friends shake hands with those around them. It lasts about 70 minutes.

If you want to know more about us :

  • Sign our visitors book and introduce yourself after Meeting
  • Get to know some of us - talk to us after Meeting - share tea or coffee or, on the first Sunday of each month, share potluck with us
  • Pick up leaflets
  • Borrow a book from our library


To learn more about the practical applications of our spiritual leadings, come to Monthly Meeting for Business. This is held on the second Sunday of the month after Meeting for Worship (July and August excepted).  All are welcome.

Further information is available from the library and the Quaker Book Service, located upstairs in the Meeting House. Library books of special interest to newcomers are marked by a yellow dot.

During the school year, children leave for First Day (Sunday) School after we have all spent a brief time in worship together. Classes are replaced by supervised play during the summer.