Children and Youth

"A healthy meeting will offer children spiritual language and a spiritual home.  Children are windows of the divine and will teach older Friends in a community that includes them."  --Fostering Vital Friends Meetings

Ottawa Monthly Meeting runs a children's program ("First Day School") during Sunday Meeting for Worship whenever we have children attending.   Depending on age of those attending, First Day School activities may include crafts, reading from picture books, and discussion and learning based on Quaker values and beliefs.  We also have baby and toddler room with toys and books appropriate for young children; again adult supervision will be provided. Two adults are with the children at all times.

Although we've had older teen and young adult programs in the past, we currently don't have enough regular attenders to make this work. Many Canadian teen Young Friends (YFs) and Young Adult Friends (YAFs) look forward to connecting with other Quaker YFs and YAFs at national gatherings.  The summer Canadian Yearly Meeting gathering is one favourite gathering spot.  Camp Neekaunis is another.  YFs and YAFs keep in touch electronically as well.