OMM Zoom Calendar

For each month you will see two "Views" of the Zoom schedule below:
[1] A List View which shows full information, with start and end times for each event, and 
[2] A Calendar View which shows less information and is not as legible as the List View. 
The Calendar View is provided for those who prefer to plan with a visual depiction.

(Key: M4W = Meeting for Worship; M4W4B = M4W for Business; M&C = Ministry & Counsel;
AREO = Adult Relig Ed & Outreach; TSC = Tech Sppt Committee, MidWk = Mid-week M4W;
P&SC = Peace & Social Concerns)

To reserve an open spot in the Zoom Calendar,
email the Tech Sppt Committee TSC at:
The TSC will update these views whenever an event is added to the Zoom calendar.