CYM and NeeKauNis

OMM Friends were out doing many things this summer.  Some were in WInnipeg in early August, attending the annual Canadian Yearly Meeting gathering.  This is always a lovely time of reconnecting with F/friends, doing business and participating in a wide range of activities.  The CYM webpage has details and pictures of the weeks' activities.  Caroline contributed this poem, written with another CYM attender:

When Quakers are sitting in meeting,
Their benches too hard for their sleeping,
Their thoughts turn to God
Or something less odd:
Their hearts quake instead of just beating.
Pail of blueberriesOther OMM Friends were at Camp NeeKauNis this summer.  The newcomer family we are sponsoring also spent a week there.  One of the activities they enjoyed was picking blueberries.