Quaker Bible Study Session Starting Sunday, January 26

Unlike other Bible Studies in this one we are encouraged to ask questions to see if and how the chosen short passage relates to us and our lives. There are 5 questions to apply to each passage.
The six sessions will be held intermittently with The Christian Contemplative series over the next three months.  The exact schedule will be available on Sunday at the first session.  Friends may attend one or as many sessions as  sessions as they would like.
Please click on this link to get more information, or just join us Sunday and a hard copy of information will be given out.
Bring whatever version of the Bible you prefer to use, or you can also borrow the version of your choice from the OMM library which is where we will be meeting.
[Webminder's note:  we weren't given a time, but we think it's 9 am.]