We are amazed at what we can do on-line!

We are now gathering twice a week for worship (10:30 am on Sundays and 7 pm on Wednesdays), conducting monthly business meetings, and holding committee and special meetings all ON-LINE.  Although we miss being together in person, we are amazed at what we can do virtually.  We are also pleased that our virtual meetings are more accessible to people who have a difficult time joining us in person.

Everyone on the "minutes" e-mail distribution list should be receiving e-mails about these meetings.  If you aren't on this e-mail list of members and regular attenders, e-mail the webminder  and I'll help you get connected. 

It looks like we'll be in this pattern for a while.  If you are curious about Quakers in Ottawa, e-mail  areoottawa2020@gmail.com to reach our ARE&O (Adult Religious Education and Outreach) committee for more information.