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Welcome to the Ottawa Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

We welcome visitors of all ages. See our address, Sunday schedule and contact information on the "Find Us" page, and explore our website to find information about our children's program, potlucks, attenders' meetings, retreats and other community events.  Si vous voulez des informations en francais, nous demander, s’il vous plait!

Giving Tuesday

Man Carrying Money Bag

While it's not clear we need yet another specially-designated day, there is an interesting opportunity coming up on Tuesday, December 1.  Interac is matching up to $25 per charitable donation paid by Interac through Canada Helps, up to an aggregate limit of $10,000.  You can read the fine print here.  If you aren't so keen on reading the fine print, you should at least know that Canada Helps takes a small fraction of your donation to cover its expenses, and you will receive a charitable receipt from Canada Helps, not the Ottawa Monthly Meeting.  OMM's Canada Helps page can be found here, or by searching for "Ottawa Monthly Meeting" on the Canada Helps website.

OMM Refugee Working Group

The OMM Refugee Working Group has been meeting regularly since late  September.  Our earliest discernment was that we would like to follow two strands of support for refugees.   There was a strong  feeling that the work on the ground in refugee camps is as vital as the initiatives to bring refugees to Canada.  We are clear that not all those in the camps will be able to be sponsored and indeed many are just hoping to get back home again to live in peace.  There are many NGOs and others working to provide shelter and food for those trying to survive in desperate situations as well as school for the children.   We have listed 6, below, that are well-established and doing excellent work among the refugees.

OMM, at its meeting for business in October agreed to support both these initiatives, realizing that we are still at an information gathering stage about responsibilities and process for sponsorship of a family.  OMM also agreed to open a Refugee Fund to accept directed donations to be used when plans solidify.  

We have heard from a family based in Ottawa Gatineau with family members currently in Istanbul that they are hoping to bring here.   We have also met with a member of the Ottawa Rainbow coalition who have a good deal of experience in sponsoring and resettlement of refugees to learn from their experiences.

Much more remains to be done as we learn the many facets of sponsorship responsibilities. 

That Time of Year

Many of us procrastinate about making charitable donations until the end of the year.  This is always a bit of a worry for the people who look after finances.  If you would like to donate to Ottawa Monthly Meeting, this would be an excellent time to do it.  We've posted a pdf document on how we spend our money and how to donate.


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